The machines we have print in both FDM (fused disposition modelling) and SLA (stereolithography).  These two techniques are the most common when printing large pieces to objects on a microscopic scale. 


Our build sizes include: 

FDM 300mm x300mm x 400mm

SLA 98mm x 55mm x 125mm


We offer a fully comprehensive print service helping our costumers bring their designs and products to life. 

We use the latest technology to assure our prints are high quality. Our FDM machines print at an impressive 0.2 mm layer height and our stereolithography printer can print up to a resolution of 100 micrometres on its XY axis and a phenomenal 10 micrometres layer height on its Z axis. 


If you have an STL file that you are looking to print or if you have any enquires about 3D-printing, send us an email. Our advanced computer engineer Alex Wilson from Manchester Metropolitan University will be happy to help.


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