Hire our team to create the prosthetics for your character / creature to feature in your film, event, photoshoot or other performance related activity.


3d Design

Hire our CAD Artists to create a three dimensional model for your Film, TV or Theatre prop. All designs are printable using our 3D printing service.  

Note: Designed to be printed using CNC machines. 




Hire one of our artists to create hyper realistic injuries, splatter effects or vomit. Adding a professional touch to these details can completely change the quality of your scene.


Hire a puppet or prop from our studio to feature in your Film, TV programme or Theatre Production. We include hand operated rod puppets, animatronics and stationary props.

E.g. Limbs, Bodies, Heads & Skeletons.

Only available to Exilian Pro members.



Have specialist hair stylists and wig knotters hand craft facial or body hair that will create a major transformation to your performer.


Hire our foam fabricators and model makers to create one off life-size suits of armour that fit your performers perfectly.

E.g. Medieval, Post-Apocalyptic & Robotic.




3d printing

At our studio we use 3D printing equipment to help visualize the designs given to us from customers. This allows the production team to interact with the creation on a miniature scale for better understanding of the clients needs before completion of the final project.

With the aid of 3D printing the process for creating products is much faster than crafting by hand. Computer aided design enhances accuracy and consistency for a large volume of unit fabrication.

Mould Makers and CAD Artists in our studio also collaborate closely with each other to create identical products in a variety of materials to get the best look on camera for your production.


laser cutting

Exilian Studios provide Laser engraving technology to etch materials such as Plasterzote, Leather, Vinyl, Wood, Sheet Plastics and Metals to create fine accurate details for props and costumes. Laser engraving is one of the best tools to have because of its efficiency to cut materials delivering a perfect result every time. 

Using our Laser machines we are able to create flat armour much faster and cheaper than 3D Printing or hand crafting. The Laser Cutters we use are light sourced, this makes production much safer than using gas powered machines.

Vac-form moulding

Vacuum Form moulding technology can be used to create light weight moulds, this is done using compact polystyrene, PEGT and plasterzote.

A small selection of things Vacuum Forming Shapes can be used for includes:




-Helmet Visors

-Skull Caps


-Life Casts


The use of this machine also provides durable packaging for shipping custom prosthetics overseas.


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Student discount: 50% off our working rates for production service.

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